Our History

Founded in 1998 by Merita & Nexhat Sheqi, today we are Albanias’ largest pharmaceutical distributor


RejsiFarma Founded

The cofounders of RejsiFarma are Merita & Nexhat Sheqi: graduate biochemist & pharmacist and graduate engineer, respectively. They started from the bottom, beginning the operations in a rented premise of only 114sqm. With hard work the staff was expanded to five, they made the first partner a Greek company named “REMEDINA”. Although it was very small and had little to offer to the market, it was a secure start heading for a bright future.

Expansion of Product Range

The company was forming strong roots. Due to its determination and performance it went from a small start to being a very competitive distributor. Within six years of its operation RejsiFarma has expanded its products range and had collaborations with leading partners.



New Premises

Rejsi Farma moved to new and owned premises of 700 square meters. Its activity was quickly growing. More partnerships were achieved and the market share continued to grow, supplying now 70% of the market. In these new premises, RejsiFarma focused even more on implementing GDP standards, and becoming a major pharmaceutical distributor. RejsiFarma passed several audits and therefore trust was build between the partners and clients, and the performance strengthened and improved.


The year 2011 started with the launch of a new and ambitious project. RejsiFarma begun to build a whole new facility and logistic center, based only on EU standards.



Business Growth

These years marked the turning point for RejsiFarma, as there was a drastic increase in sales. The staff grew in numbers and professionality, adding to our team more pharmacists, chemists and doctors. The department of pharmacovigilance, was first established, making RejsiFarma more trustworthy and responsible than ever before. Our performance and business growth was renowned by the Western Media as well. The European Times magazine wrote an article naming us the pharmaceutical leader in Albania.

New Facility & Logistics Center

The project that was started back in 2011 was now finished. Our new headquarters including two new warehouses and an advanced logistic system had been finally built. EU standards were applied in every activity; modern equipment and a warehouse management system were installed to enable high speed and traceability. A new logistics system was put into life with the latest software, hardware and EU professionals mentoring and the whole process. The old premises become the chain distributor of RejsiFarma, operating as R&S FARMA only In Tirana, making the delivery system in the capital city faster, easier and more
efficient. This new facility and logistics center symbolizes RejsiFarma’s hard work and determination throughout
the years.



Keep Growing

Our goal is to keep growing. This year has proved it well. We have partnered with new partners like OMEGA, PHARMA SANIENCE, FARMALABOR and PHILIPS AVENT. Each company gives products that improve the well-being of Albanian people. Our mission is to provide Albania with only high quality products and RejsiFarma tries to make this mission possible every year. We are always in search of products that improve health, or help to maintain it, since we consider it as our responsibility and duty towards our customers.
Our vision for the future is to make a difference regarding health and well-being in Albania. We aim to expand further being the first choice for our customers and partners, always being the most ground breaking and qualitative provider.


History is the story of change over time. As professor Robert Denning said “History demonstrates that circumstances and technologies change, but humans still want the same things that they wanted in previous civilizations: wealth, health, security, happiness, power, spiritual and social fulfillment.” At RejsiFarma it is our responsibility to offer the best health possibilities to Albanian patients. We honour our mission by offering our partners the best regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, warehousing, distribution & marketing services in Albania.