Promote your pharmaceutical product in Albania to reach its full market potential

Marketing Activities

We offer marketing services to launch and maintain the position of pharmaceutical products in the Albanian market.

We offer you a dedicated marketing team covering all the Albanian territory and focused on making your products succeed in Albania.

Marketing Pharmaceutical Products in Albania
Marketing Pharmaceutical Products in Albania
  • Develop a strategic launch for a certain product
  • Conduct market research & define the target group
  • Maintain the product sales development
  • Visit / promote to doctors, k.o.l & pharmacies
  • Budget management
  • Use of advertising, traditional & new media
  • Management of promotional events
  • Place the product at the appropriate market share
  • Continious market / product analysis
  • Other special services as required

Medical Representation

  • 13 professional medical representatives
  • Doctors & pharmacists
  • Divided into groups
  • Divided into therapeutic areas within the group
  • 1 group per company
Distribution Services in Albania

We are on Instagram

We can orchestrate social media campaigns for your products, as we have done among others with Fillerina.

Fillerina Influence Campaign
Fillerina Case Study
Fillerina Instagram campagin

Dedication & passion is our magic formula

We offer you a dedicated marketing team which will make sure your pharmaceutical products in Albania are benefiting from special care. Your dedicated marketing contact will send you regular reports related to sales, and we can undertake for you surveys of the albanian market upon request. Our goal is to offer the best pharmaceutical importation, distribution & marketing services in Albania.