We cover the whole country supplying 1400+ pharmacies, hospitals and third parties

Distribution Network

  • We cover the whole country in two ways
    • 90% direct supply
    • 10% via 2-ary distributors
  • 1400+ clients: pharmacies, hospitals & third parties
  • 32 distribution temperature monitored vehicles
  • Wholesale and retail store distribution
  • Strong relationship with clients
Pharmaceutical Import and Distribution Albania

Distribution System

  • Our clients contact us via:
    • Call center – sales agents – online order
  • Return management & reverse logistics program
  • High sensitivity & responsiveness to customer requirements
  • Product traceability
  • Inventory control
Inside the WareHouse of Rejsi Farma

Our Company

In 1998 we started to work to build a good name for our company. Today, the reputation we have worked for so hard for precedes us. We are the leading pharmaceutical distributor in Albania, providing high quality products to more than 1400 pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, health centers and other stakeholders. We cover all the Albanian territory, and on a daily basis, our sales agents work in every Albanian city, managing individually each of our customers’ requirements.

map of albania Rejsi Farma Pharma Distributor and Importer
Interior view of pharmaceutical warehouse
Inside the warehouse of pharmaceutical distributor in albania rejsifarma

Pharmaceutical Distribution

According to governement report of 2019, pharmaceutical imports dominate Albania’s drug market and most major international brands are present in the country. Domestic production, while growing recently, continues to account for about 10% of market share. RejsiFarma is the largest distributor for pharmaceuticals products in Albania, both imported and domestically produced. We also offer other services: regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, warehousing, & marketing services.