Our modern logistics centre allows to achieve high speed and traceability in our daily operations

Warehousing Operations

We have created an extended network of warehousing operations to fulfill our commitment to our customers.

Our main warehouse consists of the most modern logistics equipment and supported with complete IT services. We offer the best solution for medical products distribution in Albania. Our dedication to continously improve is limitless.

Inside RejsiFarma - Albanias Best Distributor

Warehousing Procedures

Using our ERP and CRM systems and based on quality management system ISO 9001: 2008, we are able to offer your company all storage categories based on EU standards.

  • Normal temperature storage: 15º <-> 25º Celcius
  • Cold room storage: 2º <-> 8º Celcius
  • Controlled drugs & hazardous drugs (Narcotic & Psychotropic drugs)
  • Medical samples & promotional material storage
WareHousing for RejsiFarma - Albanias Top Pharma Distributor
Inside the Warehouse of RejsiFarma

Warehousing Services

  • Import, export and storage
  • Consignment stock
  • Inventory management and control
  • Advanced logistics
  • Order processing and administration
  • Labeling, bar-coding, packaging
  • Quality control
  • Static and dynamic replenishment
  • Load building
  • Express delivery consignments
  • Customs warehouse
  • High speed and traceability
  • Customer service support
  • Full support by a professional IT team
  • Pallets capacity: 2800 euro / pallet

Continuous improvement to achieve excellence

As previously noted, our dedication to improve is unbounded. We continuously train and update the skills of our teams, according to GPD as referenced in EU countries. It is our goal to maintain the same product and service quality as in European countries.